New Commons launches book series, simplifies navigation and facilitates conversations online.

Making complex things simple is what clients hire New Commons to do, and that's just what we've done with our new website.  Visitors will notice storytelling videos, simpler navigation, indexed projects as well as a redesigned blog with social media sharing.  These are just some of the improvements the marketing team at New Commons worked on over the summer.

"This is our 9th iteration of, and each time, it has grown in scope and complexity." says Michelle Gonzalez.  "Our primary goal in this redesign was to enable our guests to more easily find what they are looking for, and present it in a storytelling fashion."

Guests of the New Commons studio may know well the phrase "conversations that matter", and this new site brings the conversation online, with expanded blog commenting features, and links to Facebook, LinkedIN and the New Commons email list.  "Our hope is that the folks who prefer to communicate via online methods can connect more easily," shared Robert Leaver.  The blog allows up to 50,000 characters, but if you need more space, we'll have to talk!

Last but not least, the new site enables the online sale of Robert Leavers' book series The New Commons Papers. The first three in the series of ten books are now available in print or download format. We invite you to share any feedback, suggestions, or celebratory comments below."