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New Commons is a whole new kind of think tank - one that goes beyond analysis and reporting. Our clients need tangible results, so we help them move from thought to action by helping them build a network with the right capabilities, and then mobilize that network to get the job done.

We begin with what matters to you. Every project presents a challenge to overcome or an opportunity to seize. And often, our first job is to help you define the outcome, co-creating the project from the ground up.

We think like designers. And we help you think that way, too. Designers start with a blank canvas and ask the question: What is possible? By opening the discussion to all possibilities, we help you find new perspectives and fresh ideas.

Each project begins with an analysis of current and emergent conditions. Building a successful forward-looking plan requires an accurate assessment of conditions today and the likely conditions emerging throughout the life of the project.

With goals determined and conditions analyzed, we help you create a network of capability by identifying key stakeholders and leveraging their self-interest. This network will likely include emerging leaders and other new faces.

Now this extended group, including New Commons, sets about the work of the project. The end result could be as simple as a piece of communication or as complex as a 50-year strategic vision for a multi-town region, like the island of Martha's Vineyard.

Whatever the challenge or opportunity, we make sure that:
  • Your goal is defined to embrace all that is possible
  • Your plan meets the current and emergent conditions
  • Your network includes the capability to reach the goal

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