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Our communities and organizations grow in complexity.  And leading them is less about command and control. It is now more about collaboration and working with many more players from many disciplines. This requires the leader to be a facilitator. The 4 pamphlets, currently available from New Commons, are full of ideas and practices that can help you lead as a facilitator.


Now available! The New Commons Papers

You can now purchase the following books from Robert Leaver's New Commons Papers collection:

The Commonwealth
That Matter
The Practice of
Change Agents
Leader as Designer...
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1. How Do You Serve The World?

2. Character of Place

3. Next Economy and Entrepreneurship

4. The Practice of Change Agents (available now)

5. Planning By Design

6. Conversations That Matter (available now)

7. Leader as Designer, Maestro, Ethicist, Teacher, and Storyteller (available now)

8. Circle and Hierarchy

9. The Commonwealth Organization (available now)

10. Learning is for Life


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