Conv_book CoverConversations That Matter: Convening, Facilitating and Collaborating

by Robert Leaver

Today, too many people dread meetings. Most meetings do not work because the new demands of working together is shoehorned into old meeting forms or no form at all.  This book outlines a shift in how meetings are organized and facilitated, allowing our essential meetings to become effective once again.

Drawing on his experience in facilitating meetings for over 500 client projects, Robert Leaver shares his best practices for creating effective meetings.  This book includes an examination of various roles in meetings, ways to create the ideal experience, discussion of various types of meetings, the dynamics of an effective meeting.  Leaver also shares tools that can you can use in your meetings, such as action agendas, rules of agreement, and a self-assessment tool for meeting facilitators.

Available in print & downloadable formats.

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