New Commons is involved in many projects around leadership, next economy, strategic planning and organizational and association development with our clients, we also build campaigns or movements where we know change is happening.

Below are three such initiatives we are involved in currently with an overview of our past initiatives:


Soul at Work is a program we started in 2007 as a series of Cafes to bring women from a variety of disciplines together to share new leadership practices to shape their lives, networks, organizations and the world to make change happen. Since 2007 we have hosted over 300 women in conversation about economics, leading organizations through change, writing books, climbing Mt. Everest and doing what you can to solve the social problems of the world through enterprise.

City and Soul: This site reviews the work of James Hillman and others around city-making and introducing the image that soul matters for cities and people, as more than a built environment but a place that continues to unfold community, ecology, and people.

Next Economy: A series of essays, provocations, and resources that connect individuals and communities to reimage the next economy as more than another phase but a desruptive technology that shapes our sense of wealth creation, organizational structures, and falsehood of "growth".


Past Initiatives

Entrepreneurship Forum of New England (EFNE) was an intiative New Commons, along with many partner organizations, built from 2003 with the "Festival" until 2008. The aim of the EFNE was to build a community for New England entrepreneurs, investors, and business practitioners to come together and create new enterprises.

Through a combination of highly focused events, membership and website portal entrepreneurs connect, interact, and share successes among their peers. 

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