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Planning and Organizational Development

Timeline: Sept 2009 - Present

The QUILT is the national association of regional IT collaboratives, including our clients OSHEAN, MAGPI and MCNC.

We are currently engaged in Phase Two of Planning and Organizational Development. The focus is on planning, organization building and executive leadership development.

Transitioning of Executive Director

The Quilt
Timeline: Aug 2009 - Dec 2009

The Quilt is the national association of regional IT collaboratives, including our clients OSHEAN, MAGPI and MCNC. 

The Quilt seeks to be a dynamic forum where leaders from throughout the advanced research and education network community build on the intellectual capital and best practices of network service providers worldwide.

In this project, The Quilt, wanted to move forward on several strategic and organizational fronts. The primary focus of this effort was to implement a strategic action plan to transition to organization from an interim executive director to a permanent hire. Our role was to facilitate, coach and help manage the process.

Designing a Fresh Vision for the Future

HELIN Library Consortium
Timeline: 7 months
Challenge: Helin wants a fresh design and vision for its future – a clear look forward for the next 10 years. As one board member put it, “The next 25 years will be a lot different than the last 25 years.” “Everything is speeding up; the types of change are changing.” “We plan every year, but it tends to be operational – what we think we can get done.” “And the committee structure operates as it always has without overall integration or alignment with larger goals.”
New Commons Delivered:
1. Workroom to share best practices
2. Committee and full board meeting
3. Planning process and facilitation
4. Outcomes report

Staff Change Process and Strategy

United Way of RI
Timeline: 3 months
On December 4, 2009, New Commons began working with United Way of RI to design a process for all staff to re-engage in the process of change begun some years ago, but put on hold during the move and reorganization. The centerpiece of this process was a day-long retreat held in January.
New Commons delivered the following:
• Provide guidance on the production of the staff interview summary
• Designed the retreat
• Facilitated the retreat using a 2-person team of facilitator and visualizer
• Integrated the retreat outcomes into a summary report
• Debrief meeting with the change team that planned the process

Strategic Plan and Board Development

Jeweler's Board of Trade
Timeline: 10 months

Outcomes desired are:

  • Creating a strategic plan as a living document
  • An outline of a yearly planning cycle with a focus in guiding implementation

Our process to achieve this was:

  • Ongoing planning with the Board/Executive Committee
  • Collaboration with Executive Director to Produce the Plan
  • Design and execute Staff Planning Workshops: New Commons engaged the staff to develop two elements of the plan: draft conditions analysis and first cut of possible strategic initiatives for considering including in the matrix.

Strategic Planning

RI Economic Development Corporation
Timeline: 2 months
On March 6, 2010, the RIEDC board finalized “Immediate Priorities Roadmap for Economic Development” in several workshops. The design of the workshop was based on the February 28, 2010 “Immediate Priorities Roadmap” memorandum prepared by Keith Stokes and submitted to the Governor and the Board. The final Roadmap that emerged from the workshop was action-oriented and focused on the priorities presented in the memorandum as well as additional contributions from the board. New Commons provided the following: Planning on the workshop with the RIEDC leadershipDesign of the discussion agenda for the workshopsWorked with the RIEDC to determine the format of the final RoadmapFacilitated the workshopsProduced an integrated draft Roadmap using the RIEDC outline

Advancing the Green Economy

RI Economic Development Corporation
Timeline: September 2009 to March 2010

New Commons was honored to have been selected to facilitate this crucially important project. The project included two initial phases with the third still under consideration.

Phase One involved a comprehensive process of multiple stakeholder meetings to develop core input. Foundational work completed at an earlier roundtable event identified four "acceleration initiatives" and New Commons organized and facilitated workshops for each. We also facilitated follow-up sessions that dug deep into areas of overlap, producing a set of "meta-projects" that are currently under way (comprehensive energy strategy, access to capital for green companies, workforce development).

Phase Two involved an extensive drafting and editing process to create the actual roadmap, both the summary version and the full, 20-page verion. This included a graphical layout with the addition of some images. 

Phase Three is currently evolving a network of partners to develop capabilities and take 'ownership' of specific projects.

Member Advisory Meeting

Timeline: January 2010 to April 2010

Based in part on our ongoing work with OSHEAN here in RI, its counterpart in the Philadelphia region, MAGPI, held its first “Member Advisory Meeting” on March 22, 2010.

New Commons produced three deliverables for the meeting:
• Define the role of the MAGPI advisory
• Assessment of value provided by MAGPI
• A visual representation of mutual dependencies and potential collaboration opportunities among the MAGPI member segments

Next Generation of Leaders

Providence Foundation

In 1992, New Commons helped the Providence Foundation convene a series of workshops to create a vision of Providence in the year 2010. In 2009, Providence Foundation again convened a series of workshops to envision a future Providence. This time, the foundation invited young and emerging leaders to share their thoughts on what Providence could be in 2030.

Participants came from large and small businesses, non-profit and advocacy organizations, and from within city government. In late July, the emerging leaders presented their vision document to the Providence Foundation's Board of Directors. The vision was subsequently presented at Pecha Kucha Night: Providence. At present, the visioning process is in transition to become a network that can begin to implement some aspects of the vision. 

Diversity Workshop

Timeline: March 2009 to May 2009

On an annual basis, EPSCoR hosts a Diversity Workshop for a variety of stakeholders to further augment their efforts to attract and retain students of color in the STEM disciplines.

Michelle Gonzalez of New Commons was engaged to facilitate the workshop in order to enhance the sustainability of this project. In previous years the Diversity Workshop engaged participants in principles of diversity, but didn't create a plan to further make the diversity initiative a systemic one.

The agenda started with a panel presentation from the following individuals to futher amplify the question of "What is diversity and how do we harness this initiative for our students?"

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