Challenges We Love to Work On

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The New Commons mantra is Think...Link...Do.


Here are some of our current or recent projects that reflect the kind of thinking, linking and doing we love to work on:


  • Creating a culture of makersĀ to support the rebirth of manufacturing and using additive manufacturing

  • Articulating the future of teaching and learning with the learner being self directed, accessing and using digital technology

  • Building organizations of the future, especially organizations composed of multiple entities in different geographies using digital technology

  • Animating the digital city, a digital culture

  • Demonstrating how the next economy will unfold through more use of broadband technology

  • Nurturing the future library as the city or town commons that builds community...the library was founded by Ben Franklin to foster democracy and democracy needs some major help now

  • Building resilient cities that in the face of shocks, like extreme weather, keeps functioning, bounces back, learns from the shock and gets better because of stress

  • Fostering communities with a distinct sense of place and soulfulness

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